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# Long time, no update once again.

# Lots of work last week, lots of new books, major rearrangements required, etc., all that with M. being on a two week holiday and me all alone Mon. - Sat., except for Boss Person No.3 coming over for my lunch break (which on the whole I could have done without, because by the end of the week the urge to tell her to please just not to touch anything (*growl*) while I was eating was getting very strong...), but that at least was vaguely satisfying. Which is kind of sad & pathetic in and of itself I guess.

# Started running again last Sunday (in the Prater, which is nearer than Schönbrunn now) and was actually very surprised I managed 55 minutes without a break, although I was pretty sore on Monday. 60 minutes today.

# Thursday after work I got a rare case of restlessness and the urge to actually do something, so I packed my Russian things and biked to the Belvedere where I sat in the sun until almost 9 pm, studying. Which was so nice, not to mention productive without the distraction of the internet, that I was planning to do it again soon, except on Friday the whether promptly turned cool and rainy and apparently is going to continue like this well into next week. So much for good intentions.

# I'm considering bying an iPod. (Running, Russian learning in the park or on walks, mostly.) Should I? I'm kind of really undecided, it seems like such an unnecessary luxury.

# So TW S3 will be airing when I'm in Salzburg (July 6th to 19th-ish) with no computer. Which obviously kind of sucks, but OTOH I need to get out of Vienna for a bit, and as much as I love TW & am looking forward to seeing, the, er, remainder of the team again, I'm not giving that up that for a tv show. And on the (third) hand it's not actually that bad, because I was already vaguely stressing about always being one day or so behind, and how to avoid getting completely spoiled. So instead I'll come back, download the whole thing and don't touch the internets otherwise until I've watched it. Like my Russian teacher says, можно жить.

Why, yes, these are the things I worried about. I actually worried about the move possibly coinciding with the S3 airdate and perhaps having to change my internet provider and not being able to download... *facepalm*


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