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Jul. 23rd, 2009

I've been exiled to another shop for this & the next two weeks because R. is on holiday, and sadly I'm totally incapable of doing what everyone else would probably do in this situation, i.e., kick back, tell myself that's not my shop anyway, and just do the absolute minimum required to not let chaos escalate. But there's the constant threat of a boss person walking in on me at any given moment, so I can't do what I'd do otherwise to keep boredom at bay, read a novel or study when business is slow (and is it ever... *sigh*), and also the level of low-key messiness was just a tad too much for me to stand for three weeks. I'm not a neat freak at home (quite the opposite; unless someone comes to visit, in which case, cleaning spree), but it drives me crazy at work. And Tuesday I definitely needed distraction. (In the process of Getting Over It bought black gift ribbon after work, which surprisingly actually does exist, and tied a bit of it to my bag, which probably & irrevocably puts me in the camp of Completely Batshit Crazy. Also what to do with the rest of the ribbon. Someone will get a gothic-style Christmas present, I guess.)

So I've already cleaned, (re)organised & put in order, made everything look a bit neater, written price stickers, removed old price stickers, and today completely rearranged and organised the whole (albeit not very large) classical CD section, which is now orderly, looks sort of aesthetically pleasing, and you can actually find things without having to look through all the shelves. I've been on my feet pretty much from 10 to 6 today.

It was hot (thunder and rain now), I'm tired, and brain, what brain. Trying to memorise a few new Russian words each lunch break.

My bike has a flat tyre, which means it'll finally be replaced, because it's mostly a wreck and I'm not spending any more money on it. (Possibly Monday.)

I'm (with a bit of trepidation, for various reasons) planning on rewatching TW over the weekend, because I was already writing meta Wednesday night at 3 in the morning when I'd woken up and couldn't go back to sleep again, and I need to check if it actually fits source material. Can't be helped.

I'm over the 'I wish I hadn't see it' phase by now, but... can Merlin pretty please remain the same relatively safe show it was in S1? I'm tired of doom and gloom. And would it be possible for the remaining DW specials not wallow in misery, just for a change? Because I've already exceeded my annual quota of media-related misery, angst and depression.


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