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Felt like I'd been run over by something heavy the whole day. Several somethings, even. Repeatedly. How can I already be so tired after only five days at work? And whyever did I offer, not to say force, M. to take the day off?

But since I'm already tired and cranky, there's something I'd like to get out of the way regarding Torchwood.

Whatever I may or may not eventually post about CoE - I'll be steering very clear of the homophobia debate.

[Parenthesis: I actually wrote most of this before yesterday's interview; if it sounds like ass-kissing now, I guess that can't be helped. I should have known that one day I'd regret all this endless stewing over lj posts.]

I might be sort of, vaguely, theoretically bisexual, but that never went further than a crush and the odd moment of attraction and finding Gwen/Eve Myles maybe the most attractive person among the cast. Mostly I'm pretty much asexual, bad with personal relationships of any kind, and Just Not Interested.

I've never gone through any serious conflicts, inner or otherwise, about sexual orientation. I never had to fight for anything. I've never been discriminated against. As far as everyone else and the way they treat me is concerned, one single drunken discussion with G. ages ago aside, I might just as well be 100% straight. If anyone thinks I'm weird, which they probably do, it's because of my lack of sex life and relationships.

So while the CoE ending may or may not look a bit heteronormative on the surface if you're looking at it from a certain angle, there's no way I'm going to implicitly or explicitly accuse a gay man of being homophobic or unconsciously writing homophobic storylines, and I understand why RTD would be pissed about that. Especially if the OMG-the-show-is-so-bad-I'm-only-watching-it-for-the-boykissing-haha crowd is now screaming homophobia.

OTOH, I'm not going to attempt to argue anyone who actually is gay and does think it's homophobic out of their opinion either.

I just don't feel it's for me to say, even in the privacy of my own mind. I don't have the experiences, I don't have any credibility here; it'd be rude and presumptuous.

And now I'm going to have a glass of wine & then catch up on all the sleep I didn't get last this week.


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