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Aug. 2nd, 2009

TV meme, since sleep isn't really an option right now.

Back in the Day: 5 TV Shows You Loved As A Kid
Difficult. As a kid I was only actually allowed to occasionally watch Flipper, Lassie and maybe Biene Maja at my grandmother's, since for Serious Pedagogic Reasons (tm) we didn't have a TV, and I don't have any particular fond memories of any of those, so it'll mostly be shows I watched when I was a bit older and we had had more freedom to hop over and watch pedagogically worthless TV there after school when our parents were working. The Barbapapas (#) do count, though. :)
Then, a bit later... # Raumschiff Enterprise (ST:TOS)
# I don't even remember what it was called in German, but the one with with the three guys whom I kind of slashed long before I ever found out about slash and the boat and the pink helicopter?
# Trapper John.
# Knight Rider. *blush* *more bush* *buries face in hands* I can't even understand why, but I really loved it then. My sort-of best friend at the time even made me accompany her to a David Hasselhoff concert. In my defence I can only say that I grew up soon thereafter and started to obsess over David Bowie.

Who Would You Do?: 5 TV Characters You Would…Well, It’s Self-Explanatory
Oi, hard question, because mostly I just don't get those straight forward I'd hit that moments of sexual attraction. I'll admit I had the tiniest bit of a crush on TW:S1 Jack, but even then - all those issues? Uh, no. Also, 'out of my league' doesn't even begin to cover it, and, no, I can't ignore that kind of thing even in fantasy. So, it's kind of complicated. I think I'll pass. Next question.

What? No. No, I Don't Watch That...: 5 Guilty Pleasure TV Shows
# I watch a lot of shit on German TV occasionally when I'm depressed and just want my brain not to think, that I won't own up to. Sorry. Make a guess. Other than that, there are no current regular guilty pleasures. Past sins include:
# Verbotene Liebe (German Soap Opera)
# Dawnson's Creek
# Smallville, in a way. If you're above a certain age it's just impossible to explain why you're watching, and if you start talking about Clark/Lex outside fandom it can also get a bit awkward. Actually I was watching it mostly for Lex, but that hardly makes a better case.
# Andromeda was always a bit of a guilty pleasure, too. I blame all the leather & chainmail, even when the writing wasn't so bad.

Wow: 5 TV Moments You Still Remember (And Probably Won’t Forget)
# I think I can safely put put TW's CoE on top of the list. I'm not going to forget that in a hurry.
# The B5 finale. Or Sheridan jumping into the abyss at the end of S3. Can't decide.
# I'm trying to pick a DW moment, but I can't think of a single one. What the hell, the whole S3 finale, all three episodes. The best of the New Who series finales by far, IMO. I'm not too fond of the religious touch, but fantastic writing otherwise.
# Joss-verse... I have a couple of all-time favourite moments that I always mention when these memes come around (Wesley and Angel in Deep Down, Buffy and Spike in Once More With Feeling), so I'm trying to pick something different for once - since the leitmotif seems to be season finales, Lorne killing Lindsey in the AtS finale, and Lindsey's outraged complaint (even as he's dying) that it should have been Angel.
# Also an old one, but I had such a love/hate relationship with that show - Andromeda, the S3 finale. It had got so bad at this point that I was completely surprised that somehow they could still come up with something like that, and it was actually unexpected. I continued to watch the show until Tyr's death, but as far as I'm concerned that was the end for me. *sigh* That show could have been so good if they kept the original writer and maybe picked someone with better acting skills and less of an ego to play Dylan Hunt. Random factoid - I started watching Andromeda on German TV (I don't think I even had a DVD player back then, and my old iMac didn't play DVDs), and while switching from the dubbed version to the original version always takes some getting used to, I secretly continued to prefer German dubbed Dylan. He always sounded a bit more intelligent.

Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs: 5 TV Theme Songs You Know (and Love) By Heart
I have a shit ear for music and tunes, and I tend to skip the opening credits almost immediately when I watch a show on DVD. The only ones I could probably sing at least partly are theme songs from shows I watched as a child like the (#) Barbapapas and (#) Biene Maja (Und diiiese Biiiene die ich meine nennt sich Maaajaaaa. Kleine, schlaue, freche Biene Maaaajaaa...). Star Trek TOS (#) of course. And while it's not exactly a Theme Song, (#) B5 S1, the one that is spoken by Jeffry Sinclair/Michael O'Hare. I love his voice and never skip the S1 credits. Can't think of a fifth one, sorry.

Eh: 5 Shows You Just Can’t Get Into
# Farscape. The show that all the clever people love. I tried. And tried again. And again. It didn't work. I couldn't even finish S3 once Zhaan left (and checked imdb and found she left for good), it bored me so much. I'm kind of oh, pretty people about it, but that's it.
# House. Saw a few episodes, but the only thing this show does is make me scared to death of hospitals and possibly my own body and what it might do to me, so I'm not watching it for the sake of my mental health.
# Stargate; SGA even more than SG-1. I'm still kind of fond of the movie, which I initially watched mostly because of Jaye Davidson of The Crying Game fame, but I could never really get into the shows. Which is funny because I read tons of fanfic both for SG-1 as well as SGA.
# Grey's Anatomy. I watch it occasionally if I catch it on tv because it's not bad, and many of the actresses are beautiful in a not-standard-Hollywood-fare way which is nice for a change, but I can't bring myself to really care.
# Supernatural, not that I tried very hard in this case. And apparently I'm the only person with the requisite genes, hormones and/or brain chemistry to at least vaguely appreciate male attractiveness to not find the actors even remotely hot. OTOH, it took me exactly one episode to recognise the incest-what-incest? slash potential.

The Starting Line-Up: 5 Channels You Go To First When You Sit Down to Watch TV
I rarely do that. Unless I'm planning on watching a particular show I start with ORF1 (first program on my TV) and channel-surf my way through the list a couple of times just in case something happens to catch my interest.

This Is An Environment of Welcoming, and You Should Just Get the Hell Out Of Here: 5 TV Characters You Could Do Without
# Neelix on ST:Voyager. The nails-on-blackboard kind of annoying.
# Since they're such an item on the show anyway - Quark's kid and Sisko's kid on ST: DS9.
# MIchael on QaF:US. Couldn't stand him. Sorry.
# Crichton on Farscape. Like I said, I never could get into the show, and he certainly wasn't helping.
Not even remotely on the scale of any of the above, but since I can't think of anyone else - # Martha on Torchwood, and only there. I really liked her on DW.

The Collective Experience: 5 Times TV Brought You Closer To Someone Else
# un_crayon_rouge friended me because I had both Babylon 5 and Thomas Mann on my interests list.
# Torchwood.
That's it, though. No one I know in real life obsesses over TV shows, and I'm not much of a fandom person either.

That’s What She Said: 5 Quotes That Still Resonate
I have a bad memory for details, so most quotes that I actually remember are from Babylon 5 -
# Delenn's star stuff speech. Or what she says about the universe putting us in the right place, in order that we can learn. Or 'Sleep now. I will watch and catch you if you should fall.' Or that bit about meeting again in a place where no shadows fall. I don't actually share her believes, but I almost wish I could. Delenn is generally very quotable and persuasive.
# Sheridan's 'How could I love this much and not forgive.' Aw.
# Sinclair's 'All my life I've had doubts about who I am, where I belonged. Now I'm like the arrow that springs from the bow. No hesitation, no doubts. The path is clear,' in War without End.
# 'There comes a time when you look into the mirror, and you realize that what you see is all that you will ever be. Then you accept it, or you kill yourself. Or you stop looking into mirrors.' Londo in Chrysalis
# Owen's little speech at the end of TW's A Day in the Death about it just maybe being worth it.

Gimme More: 5 Shows You Can Never Get Enough Of
# Rewatched the most over the longest period of time - Babylon 5.
# Obsessive meta-writing and wanting more (despite everything) - Torchwood.
# Also like to rewatch, although in moderation - Angel
# Always watch when I catch it on TV, even though I never bought the DVDs - Futurama
# Looking forward to the next series right now - Merlin.


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Aug. 3rd, 2009 03:05 am (UTC)
I enjoyed reading your answers
Even though most of the shows I have never watched or some I have never heard of.
Aug. 3rd, 2009 09:43 am (UTC)
So much yes here. *runs off to do meme*
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