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Thursday was lovely with a bit of a hiking tour up & around the Hohe Wand, eating lots of late blackberries (violet fingers and scratched legs) and feeling completely decadent doing all this on a work day.

Friday & today it was back to work, and it never feels as completely mind- & soul-draining as when you've just done something you really enjoyed.

Watched Epitaph One and Dollhouse 2.01, and while I've been sitting on the fence (& hopping back & forth across the fence, repeatedly) during S1, I think I've finally lost interest completely. Even the supposedly brilliant Epitaph One didn't do a lot for me and 2.01 was plain boring and repetitive.

The problem is, I'm still not emotionally attached to any of the characters. There were interesting and occasionally even moving moments in S1, but I'm not feeling any warmth, any fondness. The longer I watch Echo/Caroline/Eliza Dushku the less I can stand her. As in, increasingly, fingernails on blackboard. I have zero interest in the Echo-Caroline/Ballard relationship. And Amy Acker I only liked on AtS when she became Illyria and don't care for at all in DH. Right now the only characters I'm still (potentially) interested in are Adelle DeWitt, and possibly Langdon.

The pretty, pretty, plastic people bore me. The straight, straight, painfully straight bores me even more. Even with dead Ianto Torchwood has completely spoiled me - in both respects.



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Sep. 26th, 2009 08:13 pm (UTC)
Now I've not seen any of Dollhouse, but I don't think I'm going to - partly because I've seen your thoughts a lot around my flist. I remember watching the pilot of Firefly (the proper, two-part pilot, I watched it on DVD) and in that time falling for every single character, because they were all rich, 3-dimensional, and real. I still love that 'verse to tiny pieces (even though I know all the problems). Dollhouse strikes me as the opposite, which is odd. Maybe Joss lost his mojo after Firefly/Serenity? Actually, I'm reminded of what one of my friends said: With Joss's previous series I've never watched while wondering what is going on with Joss.

Also it has no morally ambiguous immortal heroes in long coats. ;)
Sep. 26th, 2009 08:24 pm (UTC)
For me the main problem with Dollhouse so far has been that with the 'actives' you almost never see the real people, except for occasional glimpses (that generally aren't very interesting either), so none of the relationships are even real as such. I found the concept intellectually fascinating for a while and thought it had potential, but ultimately it just wasn't very satisfying...

And I don't think I'm the only one who's a bit tired of constantly being told how awesome and special Caroline/Echo is, when the 'show' part of 'show' vs. 'tell' just doesn't live up to that.
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