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Oct. 19th, 2009

So I might have started to rewatch TW (and what's maybe even more pathetic, mostly for research/confirmation purposes), and there's something in Day One that I'm genuinely curious about. The thing is, generally speaking my brain doesn't work in very sexual ways, so I suspect other people might see this rather differently, but... The-alien-in-Carys and Jack, specifically Carys's speech in the end ('Make me feel alive. Make me feel human.') and this is where Jack, who looked at her with a whole lot of disgust a moment before, suddenly decides to help her. 'Travel halfway across the universe for the greatest sex, you still end up dying alone.' The whole plot is so completely cracktastic that I never really paid a lot of attention to this episode, but there's already a bit of a point in there that will-shag-anything-if-it's-gorgeous-enough is all very well, but maybe not the end and be all, is there? A bit of a parallel?

Another thing that I've never really noticed before—Jack only starts taking Gwen really seriously after she was willing to risk her life to save Carys, even when he's already given her a get-out-of-jail-free card. ('We all make mistakes. Get over it.') Before... amused, indulgent, a bit patronising. It's seeing that this isn't just cheap, sentimental talk for her, but that she really means it that makes a difference. Well, either that, or the kiss. I prefer to believe it's the former.

And I honestly didn't remember just how much CoE recycled the ending of Small Worlds, actually breaking the fourth wall a little too much for my taste. I guess continuity-wise (er. continuity-in-reverse-wise?) it does make sense that Jack would only let her go when it was very clear this is what she wanted, and that she wouldn't be harmed, but still... Actually, this tendency to reuse themes, looking at them from a slightly different angle, sometimes improving them, sometimes not, is my main quibble with RTD, although I guess not only with him, since he didn't write Exit Wounds, which draws much too heavily on Last of the Time Lords, right down to 'I forgive you', which of course already was a key line in End of Days. 'Thought you were gonna say he was your secret brother or something.' — 'You've been watching too much TV.' Riiiight. *sigh*


In other news, there are no other news. Life continues to be un-eventful, and the weekend was too short as usual. Meh.


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