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Weekend TV post, version: unenthusiastic.

Merlin 2.05 I was rather underwhelmed with, (also, ICK!) & there really isn't lot to say, except that I'm already feeling rather sorry for Uther. (Anti-magic crusade & lack of actual chemistry between him and Lady Catrina notwithstanding.) Or that I can't bring myself to even care about the potentially slashy moments when there isn't enough genuine emotion to support them.

Dollhouse 2.04... *sigh* The beginning was fantastic, even with that completely sick premise. And frankly, at this point, any episode with less Echo is an improvement from where I'm standing. But during the last third or so it kind of... just fell apart, a bit like last episode.

They all knew he was dangerous, violent and completely without moral scruples. Topher did, but his crisis of conscience didn't go as far as imprint her with Echo's fighting skills, or at least slip her a gun, a knife, any kind of weapon? What he did might have been the slightly more moral choice, but in the end was almost less responsible than sending her there imprinted. Priya knew, and she went in there, without a weapon, without any control over the situation, and started taunting him about being in love with someone else? What kind of 'fair fight' did she expect from someone like that, and how does that make sense, even taking into account that she was maybe still confused and overwhelmed after suddenly getting her personality & sanity back?

And speaking of that, I found her declaration of love for Victor a bit unconvincing, because for me there just hasn't been sufficient build-up, considering that they, as real people, don't even know each other.

Disappointed with Adelle, even though Olivia Williams was fantastic. I don't mind having a woman in the morally ambiguous position as the boss of the Dollhouse, but I don't like what it makes her that she doesn't even have control over something like this. Even if admittedly in the end it was still her decision, her choice, and she could have tried doing something even if it meant risking her own life.

Disappointed by Priya/Sierra becoming an active again, even chosing to. That's a bit as if Ianto had taken the retcon route post-CW.

Almost liked Topher in this episode, but still don't have a lot of sympathy for him. Like Adelle said, he treats people as toys, and it was beyond time he woke up and realised that this wasn't a game after all.

I'm not sure how long I can continue to care about a show that only ever says the worst things about human relationships. I'm sick of those outright (as opposed to the iffy Dollhouse premise) rape and abuse plots, especially when it's always the women who are shown as victims, even if the men do have a tendency to wind up dead. As far as I remember the only time we've seen the genders reversed it was with Adelle and Victor, and it was Adelle who came out as the vulnerable one at the end of the episode.


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(Deleted comment)
Oct. 26th, 2009 07:31 pm (UTC)
I guess having a complete phobia about worms, maggots etc. didn't help... ;)

I didn't dislike it, and the actress playing Lady Cathrina clearly had a lot of fun, but the whole episode just didn't do a lot for me either. Then again, first part... who knows what will happen next time.
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