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Okay, this one has probably been discussed up & down & sideways at the time somewhere else without me ever noticing, because I just wasn't very interested in Jack/Gwen other than not seeing it happen, but from Gwen's comment in Sleeper about Jack's manners in bed, with a hastily added 'Apparently, so I've heard,'did she ever sleep with Jack, or just talk to Ianto a lot while Jack was away? And if it's the former, when would that have happened?

I still find all the sudden Jack/Gwen not-even-subtext in S2 a bit odd, because as I saw it in S1 the sexual tension between them more or less evaporated after Ghost Machine when Jack let the silence stretch for a little too long after Gwen's 'Doesn't it get lonely at night?', and Gwen turned to Owen for comfort a couple of episodes later. But it's undeniably there in S2—and it's not even so much Jack, who may love her in whatever not-quite-platonic way he does, and may not be happy at the prospect of possibly losing her to her non-TW life, but I think has always been always realistic enough to know that he'll never be someone who'll make her happy; it's Gwen who does seem to be waiting for him to say something when she says 'Well, no one else will have me', only once again he doesn't. Or again when they talk about the wedding at the end of Sleeper. And Jack sends her home again—'Keep doing what we do', and in the looks exchanged between them there does seem to be a sort of understanding that it isn't going to happen, although it's definitely seems to be more his decision than hers.



Oct. 26th, 2009 04:50 pm (UTC)
And I guess you could explain Gwen's behaviour with her getting cold feet before the wedding and thinking about missed chances...
Very likely, considering her over protective shtick over Rhys throughout Season 2 (which can be explained by his "death" in End of Days).
Also, I'm pretty sure Gwen has never had a man say no to her... so for Jack to be all aloof, I think it also bothers her that Jack treats her like a little girl, so she challenges that through sexuality as well.

Ianto treats Gwen as an equal (I'm pretty sure Ianto and Jack don't consider themselves to be equals), hence him and Jack getting into a fight about how to "handle" her in Adrift (god what a crap episode, Greenhouse Scene notwithstanding).
Oct. 26th, 2009 05:08 pm (UTC)
I think it also bothers her that Jack treats her like a little girl, so she challenges that through sexuality as well.

That's an interesting thought, especially considering how she managed to lead the team in Jack's absence quite successfully, or at least without getting anyone killed, and now has to let Jack take over again.

I liked parts of Adrift, but I absolutely hated how unprofessionally Jack handled the situation, the way he brought his and Ianto's relationship into the argument with Gwen, and that's not even touching how the whole drama could have been avoided if he hadn't been too guilt-ridden and scared of losing her to just tell her, instead of letting her fumble around in the dark and inflict more pain than necessary.
Oct. 26th, 2009 05:13 pm (UTC)
Yeah... Jack is not big on sharing information about anything.

The narrative in Adrift was sucky, but I also meant the representation was below par. Putting all the "undesirables" on an island and caring for them in a dark and dank facility was... problematic.
Oct. 26th, 2009 05:47 pm (UTC)
That, too, of course. Especially if Gwen is telling the truth about what they're getting paid, one would think they could at least afford a bit nicer accommodations for these people, even if it has to be on that island. But it's really symptomatic of Jack's tendency to shove everathing he doesn't want to think about into some (mental or physical) corner and forget about it...


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