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Okay, this one has probably been discussed up & down & sideways at the time somewhere else without me ever noticing, because I just wasn't very interested in Jack/Gwen other than not seeing it happen, but from Gwen's comment in Sleeper about Jack's manners in bed, with a hastily added 'Apparently, so I've heard,'did she ever sleep with Jack, or just talk to Ianto a lot while Jack was away? And if it's the former, when would that have happened?

I still find all the sudden Jack/Gwen not-even-subtext in S2 a bit odd, because as I saw it in S1 the sexual tension between them more or less evaporated after Ghost Machine when Jack let the silence stretch for a little too long after Gwen's 'Doesn't it get lonely at night?', and Gwen turned to Owen for comfort a couple of episodes later. But it's undeniably there in S2—and it's not even so much Jack, who may love her in whatever not-quite-platonic way he does, and may not be happy at the prospect of possibly losing her to her non-TW life, but I think has always been always realistic enough to know that he'll never be someone who'll make her happy; it's Gwen who does seem to be waiting for him to say something when she says 'Well, no one else will have me', only once again he doesn't. Or again when they talk about the wedding at the end of Sleeper. And Jack sends her home again—'Keep doing what we do', and in the looks exchanged between them there does seem to be a sort of understanding that it isn't going to happen, although it's definitely seems to be more his decision than hers.



Oct. 26th, 2009 11:40 pm (UTC)
Re: 2/2
Was it just that coup de foudre moment, lying under him in the warehouse?

Don't know what elisi will say, but for me it was mostly, although not entirely, that. Jack still wouldn't have hired him if Ianto had proven himself totally incompetent and unsuitable, but he was fascinated from the start, and it only took a moment where he didn't have time to think any further than that he didn't want Ianto to walk away, in fact didn't think a lot at all, at least not with his brain, to overcome his objections to Ianto's Torchwood past.

But it's also interesting, I think, that it really is only Ianto who explicitly makes Jack change his mind

And managed to drive him into an utter rage, and then continued to surprise and challenge him in all kinds of ways, right until the end. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think part of what Jack fascinated about Ianto was that even with all the support and love he gave Jack, he was always a bit outside his control.


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