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Okay, this one has probably been discussed up & down & sideways at the time somewhere else without me ever noticing, because I just wasn't very interested in Jack/Gwen other than not seeing it happen, but from Gwen's comment in Sleeper about Jack's manners in bed, with a hastily added 'Apparently, so I've heard,'did she ever sleep with Jack, or just talk to Ianto a lot while Jack was away? And if it's the former, when would that have happened?

I still find all the sudden Jack/Gwen not-even-subtext in S2 a bit odd, because as I saw it in S1 the sexual tension between them more or less evaporated after Ghost Machine when Jack let the silence stretch for a little too long after Gwen's 'Doesn't it get lonely at night?', and Gwen turned to Owen for comfort a couple of episodes later. But it's undeniably there in S2—and it's not even so much Jack, who may love her in whatever not-quite-platonic way he does, and may not be happy at the prospect of possibly losing her to her non-TW life, but I think has always been always realistic enough to know that he'll never be someone who'll make her happy; it's Gwen who does seem to be waiting for him to say something when she says 'Well, no one else will have me', only once again he doesn't. Or again when they talk about the wedding at the end of Sleeper. And Jack sends her home again—'Keep doing what we do', and in the looks exchanged between them there does seem to be a sort of understanding that it isn't going to happen, although it's definitely seems to be more his decision than hers.



Oct. 27th, 2009 09:36 am (UTC)
Re: 2/2
it's tempting to read Jack's wild and furious reaction as stemming at least in part from Ianto's betrayal of him for Lisa - Jack's feelings appear to be completely irrelevant to Ianto at that point. He's deceived Jack, AND for someone he's truly in love with.
::nods:: I don't think Jack's feelings are irrelevant to Ianto, but when he has to make a choice he chooses Lisa. (Oh it's all so DELIGHTFULLY complicated and messed up and I love it to bits!!!)

There's an interesting question over whether Jack hired Ianto - the only one of the four who hunted him down and had his own agenda. Was it the way he handled catching Myfanwy? Was it something that impressed Jack in Ianto's ability to keep changing his pitch until he found one that worked (another conman, indeed)? Was it just that coup de foudre moment, lying under him in the warehouse?
Hmm. I don't think it was the last one. It might have contributed, but I think Jack was certainly interested right from the start and yet perfectly happy to walk away. I think it was partly persistence, and partly that Ianto showed himself to have brains, initiative and self-reliance (not sure that's the right word, but you probably know what I mean). The suit was part of it, as was the dissing of TW3's lack of equipment (Ianto had a rift-activity locator!), the fact that he'd caught the pteradon by himself, and had worked out what it liked to eat. It's miles away from turning up with a cup of coffee begging for a job. (Maybe being up for more than just work was just an added perk, I think.) And Ianto is also a mystery, something he of course plays on to his advantage.

Anyway, I must run. This is fascinating! :)


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