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It's no secret that with both TW and DW I've always liked the quieter, more emotional episodes/parts better than the big!action!thingsexploding!£££ofCGI! ones, and generally speaking I think these purely human moments is where RTD's real strength lies, so the whole regeneration, potions of life, potions of death, Master with super-powers, immortality gate, &c. left me a bit cold.

# OTOH, there are a lot quite perfect bits, like the beginning with the Doctor and Ood Sigma, the snow and the pink flower garland. These are moments I really, really love DT for. He's doing his usually Doctor thing, but there's no real joy in it, just postponing the inevitable; an edge of apprehension under the arrogance that carries over from WoM, even desperation, someone who is running away from himself, from death, fate and responsibility, and knows it. And Ood Sigma cuts right through the act, too.

(# I love the Ood. I seriously love the Ood. My favourite New Who aliens.)

# Also, Wilf. Who presumably won't survive the next episode...

# On that note—Dear RTD, please don't kill Donna?!

# The Doctor and Wilf in the cafe. Again, absolutely brilliant. The painful loneliness, the essential non-humanness, because even when he regrets (sort of? 'I did some things and they went wrong' is actually a bit vague...) what he did in WoM, something of the Time Lord Victorious is still there, a self-knowledge that can't be entirely erased, but despite or because of it a very human fear of death and ceasing to exist. And this is where the Doctor and Jack are really opposites; whereas for the Doctor life is central, like the TARDIS itself is alive in some way and can create life, for Jack it always comes back to death, his own or others'. At the same time, the interesting thing for me was that when people initially complained about the events of CoE not being mentioned in the DW finale, I always thought that wouldn't have been possible anyway, because it'd either result in a discussion even longer than the one in Utopia that would hijack the plot, or Jack getting kicked out of the TARDIS quickly and summarily. After WoM and this episode I think post-CoE Jack and the Doctor might just find quite a bit of common ground after all, and the dynamics would have changed...

# The Doctor and the Master chasing each other through an industrial wasteland, 'Look at us now.'.

# 'When Torchwood fell' refers to TW London, I presume? Because if Jack had that thing standing in his basement S2 would probably have looked quite differently...

# How much of the Master's storyline in this episode was written around the 'Master-race' line? Can't blame him, though. The mixture of absurd and frightening is... Very RTD.

# Especially in a Christmas episode the theme of hunger and greed as a comment on today's consumerism was the part that was very uncomfortable to watch. It's funny how scenes always seem to be shorter when you rewatch, but watching the Master devour the turkey the first time took an agonisingly long time.

# I can't believe I had to check the credits before I recognised Timothy Dalton.

# When the TARDIS materialised on Naismith's estate - was that the same stables as in last year's Christmas episode? They looked awfully familiar...



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Dec. 27th, 2009 02:38 am (UTC)
Same stables. Wondering if that's going to matter, actually, of it it's just a the BBC-has-no-budget-moment and that stable is the new rock quarry. Or something.
Dec. 27th, 2009 11:43 am (UTC)
Since this is not the kind of thing I usually notice it must have been really obvious, so maybe it will mean something?
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