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Jan. 2nd, 2010

The funny thing is, ever since CoE every single time I posted something about that, I vaguely expected defriending from the pre-CoE people on my friendslist—which, I know, I know, is saying more about my issues than anything else. Now it's a bit the other way round, because while TEoT pt. 2 certainly did have some very, very good scenes, as an episode I thought it, um, kind of sucked? Given the occasion I do understand the urge to go for this kind of over-the-top extravaganza, but still.

# Actually, starting with the bad. Er, the plot? The whole population of Earth turning into Master clones didn't strike me as a very good idea a week ago, and it convinced me even less this time. Didn't work, there's just no emotional resonance, especially compared to the S3 finale, which remains my favourite one. And then you have an insane, power-mad Master and Timothy Dalton's insane and power-mad Time Lord president, and Gallifrey transported through space and Hell (and whatnot) unleashed, and for me it was just overkill to the point where any emotional impact was completely lost. The whole thing seemed over-ambitious and the story just didn't flow. IMO, obviously.

# So generally speaking, I thought the first 50 minutes were a bit crap with a couple of spectacular scenes, and actually reminded me a little of Exit Wounds in this respect. The rest, even if it was sweet and sad and I almost cried, felt rather slapped on, frankly. But I did enjoy it in all its slightly kitschy nostalgia, and if it was a tad self-indulgent, that's completely forgivable. RTD is entitled to collect his reward too, so to speak.

# On the (oh so very) plus side, David Tennant and Bernard Cribbins. Wilf was a perfect choice for a companion for the end of the Doctor's journey, and they were brilliant together. The scene on the spaceship where Wilf tries to convince the Doctor to take the gun was so good that I'm at a loss for words. What I loved about it, and am so impressed with DT conveying, is that he managed to show an immense scope of what the Doctor is, the sincere regret and humility and the immense ego that is still there despite of it. Staggering. The Doctor trying to decide whom to shoot. The realisation when he hears Wilf knocking, and once again the struggle not only with his mortality, but even more with his ego, and it isn't pretty, but in the end he sacrifices himself and Wilf lives. Which actually was one of the better Christ analogies in the DW/TW-verse, and also very poignant in view of what Davros accused the Doctor of in the S4 finale. Very fitting closure.

I'm not sure what this says about my taste, but I thought that as Hamlet DT was decent, but nothing special. OTOH, as the Doctor he never stops to surprise me.

# Cactus girl was always Nina for me, and I never liked her much in BH. Cactus guy I thought I remembered from somewhere, but imdb tells me I don't.

# So the woman in white is future Donna? That would be awesome. Apparently not, but I liked the idea...

# Resurrection glove = Time Lord glove, and is this in any way important?

# Jack... hm. That was a bit cursory, but given the context it's hard to picture an alternative solution. Like I've said before, any actual discussion between them would have hijacked the episode, and the only other message I could imagine was the assurance that Jack would eventually die, but after all the prophecies of death that would have been a bit repetitive, and also out of character for the Doctor, who loves life too much, and I don't think truly understands Jack's dilemma, or in any case can't resolve it, so instead nudges Jack back towards life again.

Does this mean Russell Tovey will be in TW now? Personally I couldn't imagine putting Jack into a relationship so soon again, and he even looks a bit like S1 Ianto, so I'm not so sure if that'd be such a good idea. Although if nothing else at least it'd keep the accusations of homophobia and turning the show straight to a minimum...



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