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I'm feeling a lot better?! Smiles & buying pots of hyacinths? When & how did that happen?

Maybe it's the useless, or in that case not quite so useless, DW/TW meta writing that I love both completely and guiltily. Maybe it's all the belly-dancing practice I'm doing for our show. I've been rather unenthusiastic about it lately, because half of the time I feel it doesn't really fit my inner me (if that makes any sense), but I really enjoy practicing, even the veil choreography that I more or less gave up on last year what with all the stress before and during the move. Or perhaps it's finally getting longer days and more sunshine again, and maybe, just maybe, spring.

Ch. is on holiday, so I was on horse-duty today, and she's looking awful. (The horse, not Ch.) She's been shedding so fast that her new coat hasn't even really grown yet, so it's bits of winter coat and stray long hairs, and almost bald patches. Completely ridiculous. But at least she hasn't been rolling around in the mud this time...

Listened to the new John Barrowman CD in the car, which is kind of meh in the extremely frustrating way that there are a few really nice tracks there (I'd never have thought there'd be a version of Memory that I'd find interesting), but also a lot of rather forgettable ones. The pop-ier stuff IMO is still/again a complete waste of time & talent, and I really don't know why he even keeps doing it. How many cars does a person need? And while I've always loved the The Wizard And I cover, I can't listen to the Doctor Who version. I'm actually kind of offended on behalf of the Ood. *facepalm*


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