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Mar. 18th, 2010

Met with flickr guy no. 2 yesterday, because he asked some time before my skiing holiday and I felt I owed him, since I cut him off so completely and without any kind of explanation last year. Thankfully he didn't actually want one, or hit on me (that I noticed), but instead talked ca. 1 1/2+ hours pretty much non stop, telling me about his mental/psychological journey since then. Auras, horoscopes, energy this, energy that, every kind of esoterics and alternative medicine; you name it, it was there. Whatever works for him, obviously, but very much not my cup of tea.

Then we got into a philosophical discussion about life, love, the universe & everything with a guy from the next table, which was rather more interesting. It's strange when you're in a discussion with two guys and you're the most rational and sceptical in the group. Although it's not as if knowing that love is brain/body chemistry changes anything about what we feel, because you still can't control it, and in many ways it's almost worse that it's your own brain that choses to fuck you over again and again, and whoops, there went another couple of years of your life, and you still can't do anything about it. It's perverse, really. But perhaps necessary.

Not such a bad evening, though. That far.

Then came home and found an email from our belly-dancing teacher about the details of the show in my inbox, and my mood took an immediate plunge towards depressed & cranky, because somehow she's decided she wants only four people for the Wahastiny choreography, and since I'm already doing the veil choreography, blahblahblah, yaddayadda, she hopes this is okay for us. I'll live, obviously, and it's something incredibly petty to whine about (and I wouldn't even mention it if there wasn't a certain person who really isn't all that brilliant either, but is now doing veil, Wahastiny, and some kind of drum thing), but still, meh. I never even liked the veil, and I only worked through the choreogrophy with its gazillion turns that made me sick & dizzy for the longest time before I finally managed it, so not really fun, that one, because there are only three of us from that semester, and the others really wanted to do it, and it seems a bit unfair that now that's the only thing I'll be doing. Oh, and they also decided on silver belts and bras without ever talking to me. Which I'll now have to buy, because mine are green and gold, and I have serious doubts about how silver will look on my pale skin. Really pissed off about the whole thing right now.


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Mar. 19th, 2010 01:31 pm (UTC)
Meeting with flickr guy sounds like a verbose French movie... :P
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