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Apr. 11th, 2010

So, yesterday's DW. Hm.

Liked the beginning. Started to like Amy quite a bit, and the idea with her in her nightie was cute. Still not completely convinced by Eleven, though. Note to self, don't eat or drink, while watching New New Who. The resolution with the space whale and the crying children was just too saccharine for my taste, much like River Song's speech at the end of Forest of the Dead. Basically, there were Amy bits I liked, and Doctor bits I liked and other bits I also liked, but as a story it lost me at some point. And while the fate of the spacewhale was awful (Although, OTOH, Torchwood...) and everything, I'm actually more concerned by the fact that they were feeding people to it, especially children, in, what, the hope that after a couple of centuries it might get hungry enough and actually eat them? Also, what happens to the children? Did they keep them imprisoned until they were sixteen, and then video, button, choose, forget or back into the whale's mouth? That was really glossed over a bit in the happy voluntary!space whale ending. (*sigh* This happens when a story doesn't work for, I get nit-picky. Whereas when it does I couldn't care less about plotholes, etc.)

And maybe it's because I've barely watched anything of the old series, but Amy describing the Doctor a kind old man struck me as... wrong. Certainly for Ten, and Eleven hasn't actually given me the impression of being a kind old man so far either. Old, maybe, but also rude and cranky.

At the same time I wonder if I'm being unfair, because with all the rewatching I'm still too wrapped up in the old canon. Having heard the 'You look human'/'No, you look Time Lord' line maybe an hour or so earlier, rewatching Planet of the Dead didn't really help, though.

It's strange, really. I don't think I ever realised just how subjective judgement can be about something like this until CoE.


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Apr. 12th, 2010 12:11 am (UTC)
I don't understand how she can trust him at all, after he left her seven year old self sitting on her suitcase in the garden. Or where and when she even got the 'old and kind' impression from. Can't have been the first episode. Just because he cared about a crying child?

And I agree, if the whale was supposed to be some kind of metaphor for all the bad things we just somehow manage to live with and more or less chose to ignore, it was definitely a rather forced one. After TW's Meat, my mind went a bit like, oh, well, at least they're not cutting it up alive. I also thought the reveal was a bit anti-climatic, mostly because I'm pessimistic enough to think that if humanity were on the verge of extinction, floating in space, people would probably just shrug at the thought of a tortured space whale, if it helped them survive, without this elaborate system of videos and buttons and the threats of disappearance.

OTOH, I'm actually guiltily wondering if I'm prejudiced, because while I love The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, everything SM has written after that just doesn't work very well for me...
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Apr. 12th, 2010 07:40 pm (UTC)
Worse than that, really, she acts in a way that makes you think she's being used by the writer in order to tell the audience what they should think.

The whole thing reminded me so much of River Song's speech, how wonderful it was that the Doctor had saved them all, blessed day, everybody lives, etc., and I just sat there and thought, how is this life? More importantly, how is this virtual prison supposed to be the life of a very active woman who travelled with the Doctor? Are we supposed to take this seriously? The same fundamental disconnect between what I saw and what I was being told.

I'd have liked to see more of Nine, too. And like you said, a bit meh so far. There's a nice beginning, you're thinking, this might be interesting, and then it just fizzles out somehow... Honestly, I thought the most shocking thing of the whole episode was feeding a young boy to the whale because he used the lift instead of the stairs after getting a bad mark at school. 'Police state' doesn't even begin to cover that.
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Apr. 14th, 2010 05:09 pm (UTC)
RTD did flirt with the Doctor-as-god theme quite a bit, but I think even before WoM/TEoT, where he thoroughly deconstructed that idea again, he always saw this also as a danger to the Doctor. There was always an ambiguity in these story-lines, a silent 'but', in a way.

River Song's 'ressurection'... I know RTD had the tendency to rewrite scripts, so it's hard to tell who exactly wrote what, but thematically I'm not so sure (especially now) if that wasn't more SM's idea than his. I've rewatched the entire show with an eye out for these life and death themes, and SitL/FotD stands out as the one episode where not accepting death (in this case the little girl's) doesn't have negative connotations or come with catastrophic consequences. Or maybe more precisely, it does (the Vashta Nerada), but the cause and effect sequence is very, very downplayed. RTD's stories tend to be harder about actions and consequences; even if there's a (mostly) happy end they usually acknowledge what happened before, rather than hand-wave it away.
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