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Jun. 13th, 2010

# Since I'm usually the last person to come across this sort of thing, it'll probably have made its way around the internet twice already, but just in case that it hasn't: Zarah's Paradise — fantastic WIP webcomic about the current political situation in Iran.

# My sister keeps forwarding me emails from someone from my class, because they're organising a reunion (20 years OMGOMGomg....), and somehow they managed to miss me on facebook, but apparently got hold of her Uni email. Just, no. NO. There's no one I want to meet, the only person I'd even remotely like to see again is former best friend A., but that would be extremely awkward and disappointing, and most of all I'm so completely ashamed of my life and my inability to turn it into something even halfway presentable that I just don't want to hear about everyone else's careers and families. I don't need to actually go court depression.

# Last week was really rather horrible mostly because of the sudden heatwave. 28+ degrees in the shop in the afternoon, no fresh air, after 3 or 4 pm it became hard to breathe or do anything more than just sit around lethargically. Yes, I know innumerable people all over the world have it worse and I should quit whining. It sill kind of sucked in a relative way. Drained and tired all the time.

# Finished TW S2, and other than my apparently ever-increasing dislike of DMW nothing has changed all that much. What kills me every time is Jack in Adam, because there, just for a little while, you get to see the man behind all those facades and all the dysfunctionality, and it it makes one really wish he could find that again. This is probably going to sound completely ridiculous because I'm terrible at trying to describe this kind of emotional stuff, but (for me) there is so much more strength in Jack in this episode, a kind of certainty, an inner peace despite the painful memories Adam brought up. And he has to give it up again in the end. *sigh*

And the scene at the end in the vaults with Adam is maybe my favourite JB moment pre-CoE. MMW, obviously, but I think the sheer mix of emotions when he realises what Adam had done and that he's still going to swallow the pill... that's pretty brilliant, IMO. The resurrection glove is forgiven.

# Admittedly that's a really old complaint, but what I really don't understand is how people could say that Adrift is Gwen's fault. They're all tragic figures there, but if someone is to blame for the whole painful mess it's Jack with his compulsive hiding and tablula rasa-ing. He withheld the information Gwen would have needed and that almost certainly would have changed her mind until it was too late. His motivations are somewhat understandable, and his perspective obviously still rather warped after a century in a place that just stuck people like that into the vaults, basically leaving them to rot, but his behaviour in this episode is... unprofessional, to say the least. Even for his standards. I guess you could say it's Gwen's fault for not trusting Jack, but then he's never given her much reason to, and certainly not in this episode.

# Jack and Captain Hart are totally TW's Wesely and Lilah. Maybe it's just because JB and JM had a lot of chemistry, but they project the same kind of rather fucked up but completely tangible connection and history that Fred notices is Cavalry...


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