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I'm really getting old. Or, putting it that way, what I hate is how buying anything has more or less become a science of its own where you have to endlessly gather information about the range of products available, details & technicalities, before you can even come close to making a choice.

I want a new bike. A simple, ordinary bike for biking to work, etc., but also for occasional biking tours, i.e., none of those heavy 'city bikes' practically without gears. Shouldn't be that hard, but it really is. I travelled back and forth for more than four hours through Vienna today, starting with a bike store that had a great website with a lot of bikes that I'd consider, but—oops—they have none of them in the store, because it's already September, and they'll get the new models during winter. Is wanting to buy a new bike at the beginning of September really such an outrageous idea? I know I shouldn't have procrastinated this long, but still... They did, however, have a gazillion sport bikes, and I jokingly said to the sales guy that apparently these days you need two bikes, one for sport and one for every day mobility. He said (deadly serious) that he has seven. *sigh*

But! On the plus side, in the middle of my to-and-fro-ing I walked past a small KTM shop that I wouldn't have noticed otherwise and was already closed (*sigh* again), but judging from their website they do have the bike that seems to be the best choice for me. (And is actually the same model as my old one, only prettier. Me: boring. QED.) (This one, and if they really have it in grey/black I'm going to love them forever, because I hate the gender segregation through colour. Hate. Loathe, even. If they can't put you in pink any longer, they force all kinds of white/creme/pastels on you. Er. Where was I?)

Was buying a bike always this complicated?

(On a related note, since Vienna is getting a new, central train station, they recently tore down the old Südbahnhof. Now admittedly it was an ugly, rather squalid post-war building with no atmosphere to speak of that no one could reasonably miss, but it's been there the whole 38 years of my life, and when I walk up the Prinz-Eugen-Straße now, and I see nothing, I irrationally do miss it. OTOH, no one I've mentioned this to understands what I'm even talking about, so I guess this is me being weird after all...)

Old. Meh


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Sep. 4th, 2010 08:58 pm (UTC)
I so totally know what you mean. My doctor put my on low-dose aspirin for my health, and when I mentioned to someone I'd been taking the regular dose (for actual pain), she acted like I was poisoning myself. And all I could think was, when I was growing up, this is what there was! You had a headache, you took two aspirin and hoped it went away! Now aspirin's poison, and buying a bike is like buying a new car.

And I know what you mean about them tearing down your building. I hate it when they tear down buildings that have been around for forever.
Sep. 5th, 2010 12:49 pm (UTC)
That's the reason I'm still biking without a helmet. Rationally of course I know it's safer to wear one, but there's a rebellious part of me that insists that I've been biking all my life, and back then no one wore a helmet simply because they didn't exist. It's the same with skiing helmets, and there especially I'd love to see the actual statistics for head injuries, and in how many of these cases there was alcohol and/or idiocy involved. Then again, famous last words...

And I don't know if I only started to notice this when I began to take photographs, or if it's an age thing, but over the last years I've seen so many old houses torn down and replaced, and in some ways it really depresses me... Again, rationally I know change is inevitable, but it still makes me sad.
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