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30 Days of Torchwood: Day 02: Least Favourite Torchwood Member

If I really have to pick one, Owen. (Sorry, Owen!) It's not that I hate him; I rather loved his S2 arc when he mellowed at least a bit and A Day in the Death is perhaps my favourite S2 episode, but even in S1 he wasn't an unmitigated jerk; his obsession with finding Lizzie Lewis's killer while everyone was busy with the 'ghost machine', or his insistence to uncover the murder series in Greeks Bearing Gifts because he couldn't forget his first dead body, showed that he wasn't as egocentric and superficial as he tried to appear, and that his painful past revealed in Fragments wasn't just pasted on as an afterthought. But he's also someone who not only carelessly hurts people, but very deliberately (and consistently) hits where he knows it'll hurt most. He's perceptive, and uses that relentlessly when he wants to, and that makes him someone I'd keep a wary distance from in real life. There's something about him, his anger, his moods, that puts me off the character a bit.

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In other news, sore throat is still sore, and now my nose is clogged and I'm beginning to sneeze. I think I'll be spending New year in bed.

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