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30 Days of Torchwood: Day 03: Favourite Series

Don't make me choose. I know the consensus is that S2 was a lot better than S1, and I guess looking at it objectively it really is, but I have such a soft spot for S1. I still love the beginning of it all, Everything Changes, the body in the rain and the Weevil, PC Gwen Cooper and Suzie fumbling in her handbag for the gun. It had two episodes that genuinely shocked me, Cyberwoman with all the overflowing anger and pain and raw grief (metal bikini, pterodactyl and brain-transplant notwithstanding, I'll never understand that you can find that episode funny), and Out of Time with John's suicide and that they actually went through with it. I'm one of the five people who don't hate Random Shoes, and of course there's Captain Jack Harkness, which everyone loves...

On the other hand, S2 had episodes like To the Last Man, Adam, Adrift, or the brilliant A Day in the Death, at least some actual on-screen Jack/Ianto relationship development, and the glimpses into Jack's past that made the character so much more interesting, even if that part of the story could definitely have been realised better.

And then there's CoE, which was painful and brilliant and is an entirely different calibre of a story, even if it's only because the new format allowed for a different and IMO much more satisfying way of telling it. To me it never felt fundamentally different from S1 and S2, not in the ways that mattered, but comparing it to the earlier seasons is still almost impossible.

I can't choose. I just can't. Picking CoE feels like I'm betraying Tosh and Owen and everyone who was in S1 and S2. Next question, please.

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