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[nostalgic rambling post of mostly local interest]

You realise you're getting old, old, old when the co-worker is looking at a book we'd just unpacked and says: "Günther Nenning? War der nicht mal in der Politik? Bei den Grünen oder so?"

[My conscious politic memory sets in about that time - I was twelve at the time of the protests for the preservation of the Hainburger Au, reading the headlines and wishing I cold be there. Kreisky I don't really remember (though I still recall hearing of his death on a trip through Turkey after having graduated from school); Sinowatz for the SPö and Busek for the ÖVP; and I vaguely remember Steger and the beginnings of Jörg Haider's career; later worrying when the FPö crossed the 10% mark, then the 15%. Buying the Abfangjäger now being replaced (or not, as the case may be) by the Euro-fighters and how everyone mocked them. All things considered they've done rather well - contrary what everyone expected then they lasted quite a long time and none, as far as I remember did crash. Remember Manfred Deix when he actually drew scathing politic cartoons; I still have a collection somewhere. Rudolf Kirchschläger portraits in primary school; then the Waldheim controversy. Not the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant controversy, but the AKW ADE graffiti on many walls. The Stadtbahn before it became the U4. And double decker buses!! They were great, if you could get a place right in front on the upper deck. Ah well, getting a bit side-tracked here...]

Another sign of age is when you remember Richard Dean Anderson from MacGyver rather than SG:1. Or, apparently, when it's mentally or physically impossible to be a fan girl over the LotR movies or cast. Sean Bean goes back to Derek Jarman's Caravaggio for me, and the rest... couldn't care less. Sorry.

Speaking of LoTR, though - even Der Spiegel is picking up on the Frodo/Sam slashiness... (... in klassischer Liebesfilm-Manier... Immer wieder werfen sich die Hobbits schwer verliebte Blicke zu.)

Während sich der Held der Arbeiterklasse also wacker abrackert, übt sich Elijah Wood in dem singulären Gesichtsausdruck "Erschöpfung", verdeutlicht durch stieren Blick und eine steile Stirnfalte. Zum Glück wird die Bürde des Ringes auch noch durch blutige Schleifspuren der Kette am Hals des Hobbits verbildlicht.

:: chortles ::

I've been freezing all day, presumably because I've been mostly living off soup, yoghurt and coffee for the last few days. All the talking doesn't help; felt kind of better in the morning, but ended up croaking at customers by mid-afternoon. It's really disgusting right now, desperate people mind- & thoughtlessly grabbing last presents for people they presumably don't care about. (Sad as it is, this has at least the advantage that they don't much bother me, because they're not so much looking for specific books any longer as for any book that might serve as a present.) I just want peace, quiet, not having to talk to anyone and sleep sleep sleep, time to get well again. The stress I could deal with, but not while being half-ill... I wish I could get Saturday off, but sadly it's impossible.

Nothing like working in retail to put you off Christmas forever. I actually used to like the season, choosing presents for people, decorating the tree, all that stuff. But that was before... and I'm aware there are a lot of people who are still worse off than I am. Can't even imagine what it must be like working in a department store.


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