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30 Days of Torchwood: Day 04: Favourite Episode

Make that favourite per series.

S1: Cyberwoman. I know it's also been called cheesy and over-the-top and whatnot, and, yes, it's a bit cracktastic, metal bikini, pterodactyl and everything, but while Torchwood and I clicked from the start, this was the episode that really got my attention, because it went to unexpected places and then further still, completely unafraid of all the raw emotions it brought up and never even trying to prettify them. And in the end you have Lisa in the pizza girl's body telling Ianto she became human for him, and hadn't he always told her that he didn't love her for what she looked like, and he still can't shoot her, and absolutely nothing is resolved, and... damn.

Also, because without this episode I'd probably never have become interested in either Ianto or his relationship with Jack. (More about that in ten days or so.)

S2: Adam, because it shows a gentler, more vulnerable side of Jack that doesn't come out very often, but that we need to see occasionally for the character to remain likeable. I'm not a huge fan of Exit Wounds, and there are probably a lot of things about the story of Jack's childhood that could have been done better or differently, but at least in this episode I completely believed what it all meant to him. Maybe my favourite Jack episode overall, pre-CoE.

CoE: Day Five, for the sheer Greek tragedy epicness of it.

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