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30 Days of Torchwood: Day 06: Something You Liked That Most People Didn't

Random Shoes, I guess. Is there anything else that is really universally disliked and not just in certain corners of fandom, like CoE or Gwen?

Day 01: Favourite Torchwood Member
Day 02: Least Favourite Torchwood Member
Day 03: Favourite Series
Day 04: Favourite Episode
Day 05: Least Favourite Episode
Day 06: Something You Liked That Most People Didn't
Day 07: Favourite Alien/Villain
DAy 08: Favourite Minor Character
Day 09: A Scene That Made You Cry
Day 10: A Scene That Made You Smile
Day 11: A Scene That Made You Angry
Day 12: Favourite Quote
Day 13: Favourite Promo Picture
Day 14: Favourite Couple
Day 15: Favourite Couple Scene
Day 16: Favourite Piece of Music
Day 17: Something You’d Like To Re-write
Day 18: Character You Relate To The Most
Day 19: Favourite Outfit
Day 20: Favourite Gwen Moment
Day 21: Favourite Ianto Moment
Day 22: Favourite Jack Moment
Day 23: Favourite Owen Moment
Day 24: Favourite Toshiko Moment
Day 25: Shag/Cliff/Marry?
Day 26: A Torchwood Geek Moment You’ve Had
Day 27: Favourite Location Or Set
Day 28: Where You Think The Series Should Continue To
Day 29: Best Torchwood on Doctor Who Moment
Day 30: Why You Love Torchwood

God, I'm tired. I'm so not going to miss having to get up at 5 for physiotherapy. I guess I could have asked for an afternoon appointment now that Christmas is over and I can actually take time off in the afternoon, but I didn't think of it, and it's only two more times now, but, gah. (5 am isn't the problem; it's mostly that I'm so scared of oversleeping that I wake up every hour or so and barely get any real sleep at all.)


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Jan. 3rd, 2011 09:33 pm (UTC)
I like Random Shoes! I always thought it was a nice counter point to 'They Keep Killing Suzie'.

(Love this meme btw. And I do read, even if I don't comment.)

ETA: Oh! Also meant to commiserate on you having to get up early. Sounds horrible!

Edited at 2011-01-03 09:47 pm (UTC)
Jan. 3rd, 2011 10:13 pm (UTC)
It's over soon, thank God. And having a fully functioning right arm again is also nice, so there's that...

And I really do enjoy this meme; I'm already toying with the thought of doing the New Who one next. *g*
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