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30 Days of Torchwood: Day 09: A Scene That Made You Cry

This one is easy, if only because I very, very rarely cry over TV or movies any more. I used to be a lot more emotional when I was younger, but these days the only thing that still consistently makes me cry (or at least still did the last time I rewatched it) is the Babylon 5 finale Sleeping in Light, although that really might be because at this point the tears are more or less conditioned.

I do vaguely remember sniffing a bit at the end of Exit Wounds, but it's CoE, really, although not any specific scene.

I was on holiday when CoE aired, with an internet connection so slow that downloading wasn't an option, so I stayed away from absolutely anything that might possibly spoil me (i.e., livejournal in general) and downloaded it all when I came home nine days later.

Right up until the end of Day Three I still thought I'd be watching the next two episodes the next evening. It was good, very good in fact, I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it was still 'normal' TW. The revelation at the end of Day Three made it impossible not to keep watching, never mind it already was past midnight, but it still wasn't wholly unexpected. Between Fragments and Adrift and the Golden Age audioplay with its 'I was only obeying orders', which unlike Ianto I thought was completely believable, I already thought there might be all kinds of things lurking in Jack's Torchwood past, ready to come back to haunt him. Ianto's death was... I'm not going to say expected, because it wasn't. But looking at my post about the audioplays, there are shades of premonition. Not expected, but dreaded, on some subonscious level, I guess. Denial more than surprise, maybe. I was sad and kind of stunned, but there still were no tears. Day Five, however, went to places that I didn't expect. Day Five is the part of the story that I'm still struggling to find words for.

At the end of it all I burst into tears and sat in front of the computer for an hour and simply couldn't stop crying. The sense of loss was so overwhelming; Jack's loss of course, but on a more personal level also the feeling of having lost in the space of five hours a show I really loved a lot. I think RTD said somewhere that he was writing a story that would also work as an ending in case there would be no further TW, and it very much felt like that to me at the time. I couldn't even imagine a next season, although the moment they started talking about the possibility I also wanted to see this fixed in canon. (Jack making an appearance in TEoT already did help, at least a little.)

I've rewatched CoE three times now, and I can write about it in a more detached and analytical fashion, but I've never had a movie or TV show (or book, at that) hurt me this much. I do, on some level, understand why people hated CoE. I guess I was lucky enough to like the story.

And apparently I still need to talk about this, after a year and a half. *sigh*

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