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30 Days of Torchwood: Day 19: Favourite Outfit

This clearly needs pictures. Also, I decided to pick one favourite outfit for every character. Well, except Owen. (Once again, sorry, Owen!) But the only outfit I even remembered is the lab coat with the buttons, and I can't really say it was a favourite.


All right, I love the coat. Of course I love the coat. (Actually, I want that coat.) Everyone loves the coat. The coat is such a no-brainer that I refuse to pick it as an answer. This is about my favourite use of an outfit instead. I think it's a quite brilliant choice, because it not just gives the scene a more intimate, slightly sexual feel, even though it isn't overtly sexual at all, but also gives Jack an almost vulnerable air, especially after the nightmare he just had, because Jack uses his clothes as an armour just as much as Ianto does.


I actually like Gwen's outfits in S1, before they became so smart and stylish. And I really love this colour on her; it suits her complexion and the colour of her hair really well. (Also, cleavage.) Pity the scene doesn't cap very well.


Easy. This was the best shirt, hands down. The violet one in Captain Jack Harkness isn't bad either, but this is a colour that really suits him. It's a pity that Ianto's shirts were so often chosen to match Jack's shades of blue, because anything in the violet to red spectrum suits him so much better. I love the contrast between the blue and red in this scene, and the slight informality, Jack's rolled up sleeves and Ianto for once without a vest or jacket.


I'd actually almost have chosen the bedspread from Greeks Bearing Gifts. Even if she's angry and embarrassed in that scene, the way she walks out, trailing the deep red bedspread behind her... there's something almost regal about it. It's beautiful. It's such a brief scene, though, and it doesn't cap well at all, so I'm picking the dress and coat from Captain Jack Harkness instead.

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