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30 Days of Torchwood: Day 20: Favourite Gwen Moment

What I really like about this meme is that it doesn't ask for best moments, so I don't feel obliged to find something that holds up to some sort of lofty quality standards. Well, comparatively speaking, obviously.

As far as episodes go, I absolutely love Gwen in Everything Changes, Adrift was a very good episode for her, and Something Borrowed was a lot of fun. I could probably find a good moment in any of these, as well as in CoE.

The scene I was really cheering her on, though? The end of Meat, when she decided not to retcon Rhys; not the least because part of me expected her to do it. Rules? Oh, please. Everyone in that scene insisting she follow the rules already broke them in major ways. There are probably also rules against bringing your half-cyber-girlfriend into Torchwood, bringing your alien not-quite girlfriend into Torchwood, opening the rift to get the girlfriend who left you back, shooting your boss (actually, there are laws against that kind of thing), or against keeping people who do any of the above employed. There certainly were rules against taking alien stuff home, and everyone did that in the first episode. Do we even want to know how many rules Jack broke over the last century? And that's not even touching on the fact that Torchwood violates laws and basic human rights on a regular basis. When random old ladies know about Torchwood there's absolutely no reason Gwen should have to ruin her relationship to keep a secret that barely is a secret any longer.

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