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30 Days of Torchwood: Day 25: Shag/Cliff/Marry?

I'd have replaced this question, too, if I'd found a good one to replace it with. I'm just too asexual for this game.

Cliff: Jack (because he'd volunteer anyway), or, better still, the pterodactyl.
Shag: Gwen (very hypothetically)
Marry: Impossible to say, even hypothetically. I'm really not into this constant-danger-and-death thing. And the minor characters are too little flashed out to decide. Right, clearly I am neurotically overthinking this. Alice, if I have to pick anyone. Before the events of CoE.

Day 01: Favourite Torchwood Member
Day 02: Least Favourite Torchwood Member
Day 03: Favourite Series
Day 04: Favourite Episode
Day 05: Least Favourite Episode
Day 06: Something You Liked That Most People Didn't
Day 07: Favourite Alien/Villain
Day 08: Favourite Minor Character
Day 09: A Scene That Made You Cry
Day 10: A Scene That Made You Smile
Day 11: A Scene That Made You Angry
Day 12: Favourite Quote
Day 13: Favourite Promo Picture
Day 14: Favourite Couple
Day 15: Favourite Couple Scene
Day 16: Favourite Piece of Music
Day 17: Something You’d Like To Re-write
Day 18: Character You Relate To The Most
Day 19: Favourite Outfit
Day 20: Favourite Gwen Moment
Day 21: Favourite Ianto Moment
Day 22: Favourite Jack Moment
Day 23: Favourite Owen Moment
Day 24: Favourite Toshiko Moment
Day 25: Shag/Cliff/Marry?
Day 26: A Torchwood Geek Moment You’ve Had
Day 27: Favourite Location Or Set
Day 28: Where You Think The Series Should Continue To
Day 29: Best Torchwood on Doctor Who Moment
Day 30: Why You Love Torchwood

In related news, while I'm trying to avoid spoilers for S4 as much as possible and am not reading anything, just scanning the newsletters and seeing the links to news about the filming makes me kind of giddy. After all this time it's hard to believe it's finally happening. And I think the timing is good, too. I'm very ready for new canon and for the story to go on.

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