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Day 30: Why You Love Torchwood

I'm two days late, I know. But I was busy being unenthusiastic about figure skating, and besides, this is the last question and somehow I keep thinking I have to post some kind of profound Why I Love Torchwood (capital letters and all) manifesto—which of course I don't, but that's the thing my brain does all the time. Putting pressure on me for no reason at all.

Actually, a lot of what I wrote in my first ever 'torchwood'-tagged entry (Feb. 2007, skip=100, and that's without this meme, because I tagged only the first post) is still true. Strikingly effective images, a pterodactyl, humour, big drama, plenty of utter heartbreak moments, hard moral decisions, and interestingly flawed, very human characters that I fell in love with immediately. There really isn't much to add to that, except, with CoE, 'epic scale tragedy'. Most importantly, it worked for me emotionally from the start. Why do these things happen? What does make one show click with you, while another, perhaps objectively better one, doesn't?

I like my shows to have a serious, borderline philosophic element, life and death, meaning of life, good and evil and the shades of grey in between, and for me Torchwood, especially with Jack and his immortality, always had this, although this is an approach that sometimes put me in a bit of an odd position in a fandom where at least half the fans didn't even take canon seriously. There are the obvious ways in which TW is indebted to Angel and Buffy, but I think on a less obvious level TW's premise has always been Buffy's, 'The hardest thing in this world is to live in it', from the end of S5.

TW has kept me thinking and writing for almost four years now, and it's the first and only show where I consider myself part of fandom, even if it's still mostly in a hovering-on-the-edges sort of way. So, not a polished manifesto, but in the end I think there's little I can say here that I haven't said better and more convincingly the meta posts I've written over all that time...

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Day 30: Why You Love Torchwood

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