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a day in the life...

Not a good day. Not the erase-from-the-calender kind of horrible, but annoying in all the small ways...

Woke up and realised it was a work day. Not a good start.
Spent 15 minutes looking for my opera glass, seeing as we had tickets for 'Ödipus in Kolonos' for the evening. Finally found it under the sofa. I don't even want to know.
Biked to work. It was freezing.
The shop was, of course, icy cold.
The boss's sister was supposed to come over and distribute the Christmas gift vouchers to those who weren't at the Christmas party. Frantic dusting and tidying up; at least warmed up a bit, hauling books around.
Noticed that I'd lost the watch part of my pop-swatch. Didn't find it again. I suppose it'll re-appear when we're doing inventory, at the latest, but really, it was time for a new one anyway.
No gift vouchers, but one of our more annoying regular customers turned up at 16:45. Yes, he's sick, yes, he's going to have surgery again, yes, I sympathise, but I still don't exactly want to listen to his stories for an hour or more. Call me callous.
He left at 10 past 6.
Blew out the candle from the decorative lantern, poured hot wax all over my skirt. Go me.
Scraped off wax as best as I could.
Finally arrived at the Burgtheater, the protagonist had taken sick, apparently there was no understudy, they changed the program. My parents had already seen it, and it didn't particularly appeal to me. We left.
Biked home. It was still cold.

On the plus side (yes! there is one...), I called M. and asked if I could have next Friday off, which means I'll have five (five!!!) free days in a row, Wednsday to Sunday.


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