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Why is this even a surprise? I may not have been a hundred percent on board with the first episode (although since almost everyone seems to be perfectly happy with the American characters, I've started to wonder if maybe there's some sort of disconnect on my part?), but I already can't stop thinking about it. Jack, the CoE fallout that is so obviously still haunting him and that I think we'll see more of when his facade cracks, because his absolute conviction that Torchwood was a death trap that had better stay buried says a lot about how he's very much not over those events, however much time may have passed for him; all the potential this story has for his arc... I like Gwen, but in the end it's Jack that really fascinates me. I'll mostly be staying out of discussions for the next two weeks since I'm not even sure I'll be home next weekend for the second episode, but I can already see that this story isn't going to let go of me anytime soon.

Here's another thing I wanted to post last week, but somehow never managed to. un_crayon_rouge recommended Alex Ross' The Rest is Noise sometime earlier this year, which inspired me to take a closer look at 20th century classical music & led to me getting a box set of Shostakovich's symphonies for my birthday that I'm slowly making my way through now... I've listened to the 7th a couple of times in the car recently, and while I gather it's not regarded as his best, it's certainly haunting in its own way. Talking (or even verbally thinking) about music is something I'm absolutely incapable of and won't even attempt, so I'll just leave it hre without further comment, in case anyone's interested. (Historical background and further information can be found on wikipedia). Recording is by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra/Kirill Kondrashin (1975).

(Download links, since the playlist doesn't offer them: First Movement, Second Movement, Third movement, Fourth movement.)



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Jul. 10th, 2011 07:34 pm (UTC)
I haven't watched TW yet, so I'm going to talk about Shostakovitch instead! I like the Leningrad - there really is something about sitting in the middle of an orchestra belting out that tune in the first movement, or listening to it full blast - but I think the best of the symphonies is the Tenth. Shostakovitch's music is a real mix of styles - the first symphony is quite traditional, then the next three are more reactionary which got hin into hot water with the authorities, hence the return to more traditional sounds with the Fifth (another favourite). I'm sure you're well aware of the way that the political situation affected artists of the time - it's almost impossible to divorce the creations themselves from the politics.

If you want to try some more, definitely listen to the Tenth, the Fifth and the Ninth.
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