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Jul. 26th, 2011

1) WTF, lj? My journal/friendslist won't even load with Apple/Safari since yesterday evening; I've finally downloaded firefox to temporarily work around this issue.

2) More apologies for absence & lack of comments, but the last two weeks were even more intense than I expected. I have no idea how some of the others managed to find the time to go swimming, watch movies, sing in the choir, learn Russian folk dances, or go out drinking, because I was busy studying and doing homework pretty much 24/7. I don't regret it though, all the whining I did in advance notwithstanding. It was genuinely nice being able to focus on learning something new full time again (so to speak), no distractions, instead of coming home from work, drained and tired and having to find the time and mental energy to do homework. I wasn't aware how much I'd missed that. After the first week it got rather more exhausting and less enjoyable, staring at the screen of my laptop at midnight, trying to remember the new words and mostly failing, but after two days back at work I can safely say that even exhaustion and all that was still better than mindlessly killing time & my brain 8 hrs a day.

I've also figured out that my main problem at the moment isn't really grammar any longer, it's the vocabulary. So I decided to go about this systematically for once in my life and actually type out and learn words, instead of vaguely hope that I'll pick them up somehow while reading. About 20 new words a day should be doable, I think.

(On that note, what was kind of weird — usually you get only blank stares if you happen to mention lj in real life; there suddenly pretty much everyone knew it...)

3) I have two TW episodes and three radio plays to catch up on, and I haven't even started, because I haven't really managed to switch my brain from study mode to fandom mode yet.

Speaking of, though — G. managed to genuinely surprise me for once. Usually when we watch a movie together, I'm all blahblahblahdeepermeaningblahphilosophyblahtooshallow!blahramble... afterwards, while he mostly goes, but!3D!action!!!yay! So when he mailed me a couple of weeks ago that he was watching TW and actually enjoyed it, that was really unexpected. I thought he'd watch a couple of episodes at best, certainly no further than Day One, because the alien sex gas is where I always cringe when people bring it up and have an extremely hard time justifying my emotional and intellectual investment in the show, and then mock me mercilessly for the foreseeable future.

Except not, apparently? And he didn't just genuinely like it, he actually noticed the strong death theme. Now granted, I've talked with him about that, but OTOH I've also explained to him at (longer, actually) lengths why I think 300 is a fascist, rascist peace of crap that made me feel dirty jsut watching it, and he still doesn't see that... He said (entirely unprompted, too, I never even mentioned it) that in his opinion DMW was the weakest S2 episode. I'm genuinely baffled and mostly waiting for the other show to drop. He'll probably hate CoE...


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