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What I hate about time of the year, now that I've got into the habit of going for walks on the weekend, is how you basically have to make the decision a day in advance and set the alarm early, or it isn't going to happen, because it's dark by four. It wasn't much of a question today in any case because I was too tired after working yesterday (in my old shop for a change, which was rather more stressful, but surprisingly, dare I say it, fun... yes, it's Christmas, which I usually whine and complain about, I know, but it was nice to actually be busy rather than stand around killing time.)

Slept, wasted time, watched another two episodes of Miracle Day (5 & 6). (In parenthesis, just briefly, because I don't want to say a lot before I'm finished, but I'm rather surprised at how much I enjoyed it so far, how well it stands the test of rewatching and how fond I'd become of the characters without really noticing when — or even that — that happened. And it's not that Christmas makes me more charitable either, because I mentally bitch about Merlin every week. Sometimes I think one should avoid expectations as much as possible, because they can really ruin things. When I watched MD back in summer, I always had this voice in my head that kept comparing it to CoE, kept making assumptions about what was going to happen, which, in hindsight didn't help. At all. Maybe it's knowing where the story goes, how it ends and how the pieces fit, but it flows much smoother this time around and there are things I found jarring the first time that I simply don't notice any longer in a negative way now that I don't expect it to be CoE II. It's maybe a bit too concept-heavy overall, but it most definitely isn't stupid.)

Went for a bit of a walk around six, browsing two Christmas markets on my way. (Same stuff as every year, bit depressing really, and drinking punch on your own makes you look like a sad alcoholic, so I didn't. Plus, it wasn't cold enough either.) I guess it didn't help that I had Glukhovsky's Metro 2033 on my iPod, because listening to Artyom getting very nearly executed in the Moscow underground in a post-nuclear world while looking at Christmas tree ornaments and various arts & crafts stuff is a bit... bizarre, and not in a good way. Returned home an hour and a half later, depressed and disproportionally tired.

A couple of pictures from last Sunday that I never got around to posting, partly also to cheer myself up and remind me of the fact that somewhere the sun is shining, even when all I'm seeing is mist and darkness and artificial light. I had to get up at 6:30 to catch a train at 9:00 and a bus at 9:30; it was still frosty when I arrived at Heiligenkreuz (and there was even a bit of snow higher up on the Peilstein), but it was a such beautiful sunny day, although everything was very bare already. Strangely enough it felt more like early spring than late autumn. I should have taken sunglasses, but after what felt like weeks and weeks of mist and city greness I didn't even think of that. Probably a good thing I still had an old tube of sunscreen in my rucksack...

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