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Jan. 7th, 2012

# Long weekend, today until Monday, HA! Slept until past ten today, read Master and Margarita for a while, got up around noon, had, er, breakfast, was pleasantly lazy doing nothing much. Might do some more of that, because sadly the weather isn't very cooperative (wind, rain, snow, or so the forecast says), but I'll try to go on a walk at least tomorrow...

(# Did I mention that I signed up for the Russian course I did in summer again for February? It's in Vienna this time, but that's another two weeks of holiday I'll spend getting up around six in the morning and not having much of a holiday generally speaking... Gah. I'm such a masochist. I'll try to get a few days off in March for the overtime I worked before Christmas, though. It was so beautiful in Salzburg that time last year...)

# Finished the SJA, and was pleased that after the lacklustre second half of S3 S4 was quite brilliant pretty much from start to finish. Lost in Time was perhaps the highlight, but I loved the trio in The Nightmare Man, and Clyde and Rani were lovely in The Empty Planet. And while I still can't say I like Eleven, at least in Death of the Doctor he doesn't actively irritate me in the nails-on-blackboard way he usually did, so there's that, too...

It's probably not fair to be too critical about the three S5 episodes because Elisabeth Sladen's illness must have overshadowed the entire production, but something felt off in all kinds of ways. The last episode was so silly and morally heavy-handed at the same time... What was Gareth Roberts on when he wrote that? Again, maybe I shouldn't be complaining, given the circumstances, but this is miles away from episodes like The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith. In S4 I had the definite impression they were going for Rani/Clyde, whereas in S5 that just seemed to have evaporated. Rani... I can't really put my finger on it, but she seemed changed. A good part of the charm and warmth of the character was suddenly gone. And to be honest, I'm a bit meh about Sky. I can see why they introduced her with the older kids all growing up, but she still doesn't do a lot for me as a character.

# From a week ago (last year, actually), I wanted to post them, but somehow forgot...


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