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Lather, rinse, repeat. Check in every month or couple of months to apologise re. absence and maybe whine a bit in the process, and disappear again. ::sigh::

Life continues to be stressful, but on the bright side (who'd have thunk...) I actually noticed a positive side-effect of that, since to get everything done in time I simply can't obsess over every single detail and go over things a zillion times like I used to, which finally helps me to curb my perfection a bit. Otherwise... Had a week of holiday in May, where I crashed quite badly, which makes a bit me apprehensive for September, when I have two weeks of holiday coming after the exam for book-keeping class. Birthday came and went accompanied by the usual bout of [OMG my life is a failure, failure, failure, kill yourself now please] depression and a surprise chocolate cake from my Russian teacher, which was nice. Got myself a new iMac (v. neat) since the old one started hicupping more and more seriously, which I guess it is allowed after almost 7 years. Little else.

Gave myself mostly off today, although I'll have to do homework for book-keeping later, went for a morning run for the first time in years (embarrassing; I thought I'd be in better shape with all the hiking I've been doing), tinkered with the meta from hell (tm) (baby steps, but at least steps?), and randomly wasted time on the internet.

Which brings me to this, which is brilliant and really brought a smile to my face today. (Also, really classy coming out, y/n? I can't quite decide. [ETA: y/n on the coming out part, not the classy part, obviously.])



Jun. 9th, 2013 08:41 pm (UTC)
*hugs back*

I owe you soooooo many apologies, I don't even know where to begin. I was trying to send you at least a livejournal gift for your birthday, but Paypal wouldn't let me pay and lj wouldn't let me pay by credit card... *hangs head in shame*
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 10th, 2013 01:47 am (UTC)
You have absolutely nothing to apologies for. *hugs*


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