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Just spent a mostly fruitless couple of hours going through adds & internet sites in search of an apartment; maybe I should be less picky. I want something a bit larger, since I earn a bit more than last time I went looking, but most two room apartments are slightly too expensive. An old building, since I’d like to keep the loft bed and I need high rooms (3m+) for it. Preferably facing a yard, because I want to sleep with the windows open in summer. Preferably a yard with some sort of vegetation. Or a nice view. & so on & so forth...

:: facepalm :: At this rate I’ll be moving in with the parents again in July.

B5: 2.5 The Long Dark

* Generally speaking the plot seemed a little pointless, and, well, not exactly original, despite being tied into the context of the Shadow war approaching.
* The only saving grace was Garibaldi, who had a couple of very good scenes with Amis, especially the one when they both went in search of the creature and shared their war stories. It’s certainly not that I disliked Garibaldi when I originally watched B5, but he’s really growing on me...
* The romance that (thank God) didn't happen. Good to see that at least some TV shows allow their characters minimal ethical standards. (*cough* Andromeda *cough*)
* Hmm, what else... right at the beginning, the shot of the station from the outside with Amis looking out - nice. Or again, in the end when he looks up, trying to goad the creature into attacking, face picked out by the yellow light "No more dreams. Let's end it".

B5: 2.6 Spider in the Web

* Good episode; a bit X-Files-y maybe, but still interesting. Built up nicely towards the end. ”You hurt that lady and I'll see it takes you ten days to die.” ”I'm already dead, mister security man.” What they did to Horn was horrible... Not so much the abuse of his body, which is bad enough, but the rape of the mind; to force his consciousness to forever replay the moment of his death in order to control him... that’s awful in its violation of, well, everything and in its petty vindictiveness. But then telepathically wiping out someone’s personality is a legal method of punishment in this age & place (‘Grail’), something which struck me as worse and even more morally questionable than death penalty (which I’m firmly opposed to).
* I never figured Sheridan for the Fox Mulder type with an interest in conspiration theories, but at least now he and Garibaldi can bond over something.
* Sheridan’s Mulder moment – no evidence! -, but did he really expect once Horn had finally become aware of what had been done to him he’d want *anything* but to at least end it? (Presuming I’m right he consciously provoked Sheridan into shooting him.)
* Garibaldi gets all the good moments recently... really liked his scenes both with Sheridan and Talia; the conversation he had with her, sharing childhood memories, was very touching. They’d have been good together…
* Talia sharing her PSI corps happy childhood memories, such as they are (and I think it’s indicative of the extent the corps manipulates its member that she found this so normal and indeed positive) only to have to finally discover what the corps is capable of.
* Speaking of whom.. so Susan finds Talia 'interesting'? Though at the moment I’m getting a lot more Talia/Garibaldi vibes.

B5: 2.7 Soul Mates

* A very nice lighter episode; Londo's three wives are all superbly characterised and I absolutely *adore* Timov. "You haven't changed" "You have. You've devolved.". Or her conversation with Franklin... ”I do not like to win my battles this way. I find it vaguely... unsatisfying.”
And underneath the surface of sarcasm and light banter you still see the seriousness of the situation, people forced by the values of their society to arrange their lives with each other for better, or – mostly - worse. The petty cruelties, the intrigue, the resignation, the emotional coldness and the suffering none of them even admits to themselves. Londo's cheerfulness at the prospect of getting rid of two of them is at once extremly unpleasant and understandable; but it's not a choice either of the women has.
* I'm actually having a little difficulty seeing Delenn quite so distraught about something like her hair, but considering she never had this problem before... I guess it would be exasperating enough even for her to loose her usual composure. And she and Ivanova are really rather cute.
Lennier: "Is that... painful?" *lol*
* Garibaldi and Talia's ex... Uh. that was... very unpleasant.
* I rather like Delenn’s belief a group of souls meeting again and again over time and space in various reincarnations…
[* Mollari's Day of Ascension party - hmpf. Having come up with the whole barefoot thing, there are quite a few people I'd have liked to actually see barefoot. Er. Personal kink. ]

And then there's 'A Race Through Dark Places' 'The Coming of Shadows' and 'GROPOS', but I have to re-watch to be able to gush appropriately. :: sigh :: I’m such a fangirl… though truth be told, I was a little apprehensive when I put the first disk in the player, because while B5 is something I loved very much, 9 - 5 years is quite a lot of time and I was a little afraid I might be disappointed or just like it not as much as I used to. I'm not generally overly nostalgic, but I'd have hated to have that happen with this particular show.

I’m actually wondering whether I ever saw season 2, though… I have enough vague memories of 1 and pretty distinct memories of 3 – 5, but 2… I’d surely have remembered something from 'A Race Through Dark Places' or 'The Coming of Shadows' ?!



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