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Feb. 7th, 2004


Politics, international: The way everyone is trying to brush off the responsibility for the Iraq war now that public opinion is changing and elections are due is sickening. I was against the war, but I could at least retain a minimal respect for someone standing by the decision they took then. If we'd known... (or any of the hypocritical versions of this statement we'd been forced to endure recently) Please. It's a politician's business to make sure he/she knows beforehand or is at least reasonably well-informed, or they'd better resign. After all it's not if the UN weapons inspectors hadn't said exactly what now transpires, namely that there weren't any WMD. What is this, kindergarten? Every time I think I couldn't be more disgusted with the state of politics... :: sigh ::

Politics, local: Anything to keep this woman from presidency. The blog... the prose... :: cringes :: Sadly enough, I suspect she really writes this herself, no self-respecting publicity person would come up with such atrocious, stilted, artificial-sounding German....
The blog is good for a laugh or two (if you read German), except of course for the fact that this woman is running for presidency, which makes it... gah. What an embarrassment. I'm not judging her personally, seeing as I don't know her, but her public persona and what she stands for revolt me. This may be a personal quirk, but I certainly won't vote for someone who took pains to have her marriage annulled in order to preserve the public facade of the good catholic and be re-married in church. (I'm trying not to be rabidly anti-catholic, but the double-standards of the catholic church do make it hard more often than not.) If she is unwilling to take the responsibility for her personal decisions (marriage) how can I expect her to take responsibility for her politic acts?

And no, my definition of feminism doesn't include voting for someone for no other reason than we have the same reproductive organs.



Feb. 8th, 2004 01:46 pm (UTC)
Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Gah!!! I honestly didn't know that it was possible for a politician to embarass herself to this extent. I tried, I really tried to laugh, but I kept choking. Brr. Poor Austria.

Well, now I have a new goal in life: to keep my mother from voting this woman. Because she does thing the reproductive-organ thing is important...


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