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neverending story...


Dilemma... I probably wouldn't get the apartment in any case, there were people interested before me.. I left my name, but right now I think I'd be happier if it didn't work out.

On the plus side, a bigger kitchen, a nice view from the 'bedroom'... The rest is ok, and it's a part of the city I'd really like to move into. Affordable, too.

On the minus side, the warm water in the bathroom comes from a boiler, and I still have something of a childhood trauma of running out of warm water while showering. There's a vacant space in the row of houses across the street, which now serves as a parking lot, but will in all likelihood be filled sooner rather than later, meaning at least a year of noise and dust, and a severely limited view, because the street below is very narrow indeed. The rooms might be slightly lower than in my current apartment, which could be a problem with the loft bed. The yard opens upon a small street on one side, so it would be noisier I'm used to.

Fact, I wasn't 100% happy...

My mother says I should go with my feelings... my sister says I should sleep it over and decide tomorrow.


Should I call him and tell him no? Am I plain neurotic, incapable of making a decision? Or do I have unreasonable expectations?

[ETA: As it turns out I couldn't take the apartment without a further visit with a measuring tape anyway. The loft bed is 2.15 x 2.20 and the real estate guy couldn't give exact measurements for the smaller room beyond a vague 2 m. I'm guiltily relieved for having an excuse that doesn't make me look quite the neurotic, indecisive idiot that I am.]

[ETA2: what's with lj tonight? slooowww, and two edits didn't show up at all.]


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